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World Vegetable Center: formerly/commonly known as AVRDC

Headquarters: Taiwan.
Eastern and Southern Africa base : Arusha-Tanzania.

World Vegetable Center has regional offices in Thailand, India, Tanzania, Mali and Benin. With about 400 staff.

Mission of World Vegetable Center is: Research and development to realize the potential of vegetables for healthier lives and more resilient livelihoods.

World Vegetable Center: Tanzania
The Center is African regional program began in 1992 in Arusha, northern Tanzania.
Today the World Vegetable Center has professional research and development staff working across Africa on important vegetable crops such as tomato, pepper, onion and cabbage, as well as a range of African traditional vegetables, and partners with more than 40 national institutions and many international organizations.

The Center operates three regional bases in Africa: in Tanzania for Eastern and Southern Africa, in Mali for West and Central Africa Dry Regions (established 2014), and in Benin for West and Central Africa Coastal and Humid Regions (2017).

GTL is very confident that World Vegetable Center is a very right place for our interns and volunteers seeking a meaning experience.
GTL have consultants specialized in the field of Agriculture, who closely oversee activities of our participants thought their stay in Tanzania to ensure career development of our participants through real work experiences and participants expectation is always surpassed.

Working with World Vegetable center means our Participants will get an opportunity to develop professional skills and competencies and at the same time promote prosperity for the poor and health for all through the increased production and consumption of nutritious, health-promoting vegetables.

Grand Tanzanian Love

Arusha - Tanzania


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