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Upendo Friends School

Available for: Internship | Voluntary work

Upendo Friends School(UFS) is located in Mateves Village,Dodoma Road- Kisongo.
UFS is a local, non- profit and sponsorship-supported Primary School envisioned to have Valuable and Visionary Youth in Tanzania. The school is dedicated and committed to the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of students through the provision of nursery and primary education. It primarily serves vulnerable children in Tanzania, giving them hope for a better future
UFS includes a Nursery and a Primary school. upendo Friends School is a Medium School, English is chosen as the medium of instruction to better prepare the children for the often – difficult transition to secondary schools, which is taught exclusively in English everywhere in Tanzania.
The School is managed by the Mrs Isabella Mwampamba.
The school offers quality education to Muslim and Christian children from nursery through primary school. The school is core school for both boys and girls and its boarding and day school.
General activities for particapants includes but not limited to :
- Teaching (in English),
- Grading homework and class assignments,
- Playing games,
- Sports,
- Assisting teachers and other staff members.

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