Grand Tanzanian Love

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Name: Daniel Honorati
Country: France
Proffesional: Teacher

The time I had in orphanage was the simply excellent. Working with Kids made me to perfectly understand them and also I have learnt from them. All the kids were special in their own way. They were polite and friendly all the time. I have enjoyed every single minute while being with them.

The house we stayed were good and two of us shared a room.The food was delicious.
They took me shopping and bargained for me & looked after me to be safe all the time. I will miss GTLV team alot and I will definetly keep in touch with them. My trip was a great life experience and I will definetly try to come back.
Thanks GTLV.

Name: Emily Denton
Country: Canada
Proffesional: Teacher

This was my second big travel experience on my own, I had a great experience joining the GTLV program.
I stayed in Kilimanjaro for seven weeks to teach English and had a great experience doing this. The kids are great; accommodation was awesome: safe and good place with very good food! There are also lots of things to see and do, next to the volunteer work. I had lot of fun with the people in the volunteer house. The weekend trips were precisely precisely organized. The staff was always friendly and willing to help if you have a question. Thanks for the opportunity, very memorable.

Name: Sasha Moskowitz
Country: USA
Proffesional: Nurse

I truly enjoyed my two months here. It was even better than expected. Staffs at St Joseph Hospital were kind and supportive, program was great.

Also I have a feeling that GTLV is good value compare to other volunteer programs. The GTLV staffs seems to genuinely care about the work programs and the people and. The volunteer house in a really good location, I really loved the house and felt very comfy in my little bed! Food was delicious. All the staff was great. Aman and Bety are great at holding everything together. I will definitely recommend GTLV to my friends and family. And also I may come back next year

Name: Lian Bohler
Country: Norway
Proffesional: Teacher

I would recommend this program to everyone who is interested in volunteering in Tanzania. I wish that I was able to stay longer and hope to contribute my time in future.
The food was delicious and accommodation was in a safe and central location. The living space is comfortable and in a quiet and peaceful area. Teaching English was generous experience at a local school. Thank you GTLV Volunteer organization for a wonderful experience.

Name: Joe Joe
Country: USA

The street children program appears well systematized and smoothly run. It was completely adverse to what I expected. I had thought it would literally be unorganized with kids of and of the street, the school, uniform and equipment, books etc was refreshing and I do get an impression that this will make a large difference to these kids’ lives. I feel in my month alone kids seemed to make much progress. I feel I have gained much experience and would not be adverse to work with children in the futures. My personal experience of the program has been more positive, I always been smiling and every day I have relished teaching. I build up very strong bonds with the children and feels heart wrenching to came away from them. The bonds made with the colleagues are also strong and I can keep in touch with them. The food and accommodation were great.

Name: Lisa Dunn
Country: Australia
Proffesional: Teacher

I have truly enjoyed my 8 weeks with this program. It has been marvelous to be part of the school community and meet such bright and loving children. The community and the children were wonderful. The volunteer house was comfortable and safe. The food was delicious! Staff has been great. I have had a perfect memorable and enjoyable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend trips to Kikuletwa Hotsprings, Lake Chala and Ndoro waterfalls. I would recommend this program.

Name: Manel Van Ginneken
Country: Netherlands
Proffesional: Nurse

I was welcomed and introduced to GTLV team at Moshi. They really helped me transition into an entirely new culture. I spent 6 weeks in Moshi at KCMC Hospital for my internship program and the remaining 2 weeks at Meru Hospital - Arusha.
This experience grasped from two regions and two hospitals in Tanzania was exceptional and valuable. The projects were extremely helpful. Grand Tanzania Loves Volunteers staffs were literally a family away from home.

Name: Haruto
Country: Japan
Proffesional: Healthcare Social worker

My twenty five days in Tanzania was simply wonderful.
I love everything arranged by this organisation.