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Upendo Friends pupils with Volunteers
volunteering is lovely
Back home after volunteering at Upendo friend School
volunteering at Secondary level School

school classrooms
computer lab for learning purpose at primary school/lucky vicent
classrooms + domitory(upper floor)& school busses
school building
college volunteering/interns also available


Available for: Internship | Voluntary work

There is always a shortage of teachers. Volunteers are desperately needed to help poorer schools meet the needs of the students.
Volunteers usually start by shadowing as a teacher aide, but after a couple weeks take over their own classroom. All educational backgrounds are welcome! Most volunteers teach:
science subjects,
social studies,
music and art.


Our volunteers will get opportunity to work with kids at their early ages and help them reach their dreams. GTL programs in has a nursery school and day care center that teaches preschool subjects like simple arithmetic, phonics, and language skills. GTL Programs provide opportunities to the needy children to get quality education.


Tanzania primary education comprises of several options including government schools, English medium, international schools.
Our volunteers can work with either of these options basing on their preferences.

Government primary schools:
Swahili language is a medium of instruction however English language is taught as a a an separate subject.
Private schools and International schools:
English language is a medium of instruction, Swahili and French are taught as separate subjects.
Some of the schools adhere to Cambridge syllabus.
The Tanzanian primary school curriculum is friendly and all-encompassing and the main method of teaching is Talk and Chalk. Most teachers are open to different methods of teaching under guidance of the curriculum is a constraint to what can be done.
You will work with students in grades 1-7. The school offers book clubs, storytelling and art classes to the younger children. You are free to take the initiative in finding simple arts and crafts projects.

There is also a sports program. Every Friday afternoon is committed to sports. You can organize sports classes together with other volunteers or teachers. The children are excited to do any kind of sport, but especially football (soccer), netball, basketball, volleyball.


You will work with students from form I to VI
English is the medium of instruction.

GTL is working with all categories: government owned schools, private schools and international schools across all destinations:

Sample Schools List
Upendo Friends School
Longido Secondary School
Oleriana Valley English Medium school
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Arusha - Tanzania


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