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Juvenile Jail

Available for: Internship | Voluntary work

The juvenile jail is our most important placement. There are usually about 20 kids whose age ranges from 10 to 17 years.
Most of the kids are from the streets although many of them do have a family. These children are put in the jail when police catch those committing small crimes.
They are supposed to be held in the jail temporarily while waiting for trail but some of them have already been there for years.
In Juvenile jail, you would be teaching the kids in the mornings and organizing different free time activities in the afternoon. Some of the kids have never been in school and are illiterate, so you would be teaching them to read and write. Some children have completed some studies so far them, you would be teaching mathematics, English and other subjects.
In the afternoons you can provide free-time activities for them, e.g. playing football, listening to music and dancing, playing different games or drawing.
Interns are needed in the juvenile jail all the time because the jail does not have money to hire enough local workers. If there are no foreign workers in the jail the kids will spend their days locked up in one room.

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