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In addition to opportunities in direct healthcare delivery, GTL offers positions to work in public health, working towards better access and health awareness in several communities in Tanzania. The public health team is involved in several projects, including giving educational talks at local schools on health topics including HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, reproductive health and performing research projects on various public health topics. Research projects vary from communities based on the needs .

Home visits: other activities of the volunteer includes community home visits where the volunteer visits homes within a particular or selected community to mainly check the health status of infants, adolescent, the aged and pregnant women. With the help of a local interpreter, volunteers can also provide health education or advice in several health topics including family planning, personal hygiene, nutrition, exclusive breast feeding for lactating mothers and many more depending on the need of the particular household.

Health screening in schools: Duties within schools could include the physical examination and weighing of the kids, dressing of wounds, de-worming, checking for malnourished children and making referrals and follow ups where necessary.

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