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Grand Tanzanian love believe that volunteers/interns training and support are essential components for a successful volunteers/interns experience. We know that Tanzania volunteer programs are most effective when participants first take the time to learn about the culture and customs of Tanzania and become familiar with how to navigate the country independently.

Arriving at the Airport

GTLV support and volunteers/interns safety is always the first priority of our staff. From airport arrival to program end we are there to help. We know that getting off the plane in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience. That is why we provide volunteer support starting at the airport. Every participant on our program is met by one of our program staff. We are waiting with aName/Projects sign, clearly visible and will greet you with your full name (do not go with anyone who cannot tell you your name). The whole team will be waiting for you to greet you and transfer you from the airport to the Grand Tanzanian love Center.

Transportation from the airport to the center is included in the program fees, and varies depending on the destined region and the number of volunteers/interns arriving on the same flight. Our staff brings a snack and a bottle of water for each participant in an effort to make the transfer from the airport to the center as comfortable as possible.

The pre-departure information that each volunteer/intern receives clearly outlines the procedures for clearing customs and meeting our staff at the airport. Volunteer/intern support also includes providing the emergency contact details of our staff so that if a volunteer's flight is changed en-route, or if the participant misses the connecting flight, the volunteer can easily reach a member of our team and update changes to arrival time.

The GTLV program's orientation begins the moment participant arrive. After you have registered for the program, please book your flights to arrive at the nearby International airport i.e. Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) , Make a note that: In Arusha there is a domestic Airport ( Arusha Airport), you can connect flight from KIA to Arusha Airport but in case of any complications in flight connections, relax our team is ready to pick you from KIA or Arusha Airport. Airport pick-up is included in your Program Fee.

Note: Kilimanjaro airport is about a one hour taxi ride from the town of Arusha, whereas Arusha airport is about 20 minutes from the town center. It is also possible for a member of Projects staff to pick volunteers up from the bus station in Arusha if you decide to travel from Nairobi or Dar as Salaam by bus.

Orientation is taken by our Tanzanian team in Arusha HQ and in other destined regions depending on the final program destination. Orientation begins on the morning of your chosen start date and covers everything you need to know for your volunteer/intership program in Arusha.

Initial briefing

As soon as volunteers arrive at the Grand Tanzanian love Center they take part in an initial briefing. This briefing affirms that volunteer support is always there when needed and provides volunteers with important information they need in order to feel comfortable and secure on their first night at Tanzania. Among other things, initial briefing includes: an introduction to our team at the center and any other volunteers who are presently living there, a tour of the house, the rules and regulations of the Grand Tanzanian Love Center and an overview of various health and safety considerations. After the initial briefing, volunteers settle into their rooms and get to know their housemates. Meals are provided three times a day in the house. If new volunteers arrive during the day, they will join the rest of the house for meals. If they arrive after dinner, a snack will be provided.

Weekend Excursions

We coordinate weekend expeditions for participant so that they are able to travel and explore Tanzania. These excursions are an awesome way for volunteers/interns to have some time away from their placement and explore Tanzania. This orientation session reviews excursions, the costs of these excursions, what is involved.

Covers basic greetings, directions, courtesies and other useful expressions that will help volunteers at their placements. Language training: This is progressive, But we will only try to cover very basic things like: basic greetings,Numbers/Money, directions, courteousness and other useful expressions that will help volunteers at their placements.

Market Visit

The market visit allows volunteers to explore the markets with their Program Coordinator & Orientation Facilitators and practice the bargaining techniques they discussed in the workshop. Volunteers will have the opportunity to ask our staff for advice as they get used to how these interactions work.

# Also for participants whose destined region is Arusha, will visit the local Maasai cattle market.

Cooking local food and learn how to cook foreign food from you

Tanzania has 125 tribes, you can learn how to cook some traditional and normal food from us, but it is also a great pleasure for us to learn how to cook from you,all your meals will be cooked by us, so you will be able to taste the delicious, authentic cuisine! Tanzanian food is similar to all African dishes with lots of rice and hot curries. Fresh fruit is widely available as well as fresh fish and seafood. Vegetarians can be easily accommodated.

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