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Meru District Hospital is a large governmental hospital in Meru District.
There are about 110 beds. You can find all the most common departments in Meru Hospital, such as:
tuberculosis clinic,
eye and dental care,
mental health and physiotherapy,
maternity ward ,
surgical wards,
labor ward and X-ray unit.

In addition to the wards there are more than 200 out-patients in the hospital every day. About 40 of them will be admitted to the hospital daily.

Your daily work load and work times depend on your specialization and on the demand of the hospital. A usual work day ends at 4pm, and you are requested to work five times a week from Monday to Friday. If you are interested, it is possible to work on Saturdays, too. Under the guidance of the local doctors and care takers, you will take over various tasks, such as patient care, deliveries in the womens ward, or assistance with operations.
For all interns and volunteers from the hospital, an individual work plan can be discussed so that you know exactly which your tasks are and in which ward you will be active, so optimal care can be guaranteed.

Every morning there is a daily morning session for doctors, clinical officer, heads of departments and on duty nurses which is mainly for professional discussions and experience sharing on the day to day management of the patents. From time to time staff members are also asked to bring in suggestions and comments for improving Health care delivery in the hospital.

The dental department of Meru hospital is offering 1st class quality services in the whole Arusha area.

Meru hospital is very busy and a lot of things are going on all the time. The workers of the hospital speak English and there has been foreigners working in the hospital before so they are already used to working with foreigners. This makes Meru hospital a very good practical training placement.

Interns/volunteers need to bring their own working clothes and shoes and also lot of gloves and hand disinfection liquid. Previous experience is a requirement. In order to work here, you have to be a qualified nurse, a current Med student, or a graduated doctor of any specialization. Furthermore, you should be vaccinated against all major diseases when working in a hospital. Working here involves extra costs for the use of the material / instruments and your incorporation and management.

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