Longido Secondary School

Available for: Internship | Voluntary work | Teach Exchange Program(arrangements on progress)

Longido Secondary School (LSS) is a government-run school under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.
The Tanzanian government offers free secondary education to all its citizens, due to this enrollment has increased.
LSS is the second largest boarding school in Arusha region accomodating 1500 boarding school students. For advanced level students: both science subjects and arts subjects are includes. Longido Secondary School is from form one to six(I - VI), core education, and it is a boarding school.
1. Split into different classes.
2. All religions are accepted.
3. Volunteers are reminded that the teachers are employed and qualified staff and it is their decision on how classes are taught.
Children are not physically punished at the school. General activities for particapants includes but not limited to :
- Teaching (Ordinary level students and Advanced level students),
- Grading homework and class assignments,
- Playing games,
- Sports,
- Assisting teachers and other staff members.