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Tanzania legal system is based on the English Common Law system. It derived this system from its British colonial legacy, as it does the system of government, which is based to a large degree on the Westminster parliamentary. Primarily the Tanzanian legal system is a wide one.

GTL has volunteer programs in Law firms, district level and region level courts. GTL is working with Regional courts and District courts in all destined regions

PParticipants will get an opportunity to acquire valuable insight into the workings of Justice Issues both at home and Tanzania. Interns have the opportunity to work with local lawyers and justice officials working in Legal Aid type fields. Interns work closely with lawyers who are actively representing under-served communities in the region. Participants attend courtroom proceedings and assist with client interviews and dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork that exists everywhere. This is the chance for interns to experience the differences, and more surprisingly, the similarities between the courtroom process at home and Tanzania

Kasegenya& Company

Kasegenya & Company is an established Accounting/Audit firm that is a fully registered Audit firm by the National Board of Accountants. The Company has been based in Arusha since 1993, and has branch office in Dar-es-Salaam.
Having served high growth enterprises in Tanzania for over 25 years, K&C is in a position to understand business environment and assist companies in achieving their business objectives.
Kasegenya & Company endeavor to serve clients with small, medium and large size companies in Trading Businesses, Mining; Energy; Financial Institutions; Manufacturing; Construction, Agriculture; Tourism and Telecommunication. Kasegenya& Co also serve Local and International Companies. Local and Internationals (NGOs); Government Agencies and Boards and the Tanzanian Government.

Our services:
Financial management and accounting,
Auditing and assurance services,
Business Plans,
Company Secretary,
Forensic Accounting,
Legal Services,
Payroll and
Tax Preparation & Filling.

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