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Volunteers at denoting to Meru Hospital
Volunteers at Meru Hospital
Vounteers at Hosp compound

Mount Meru Hosp
Meru District Hospital Pharmacy
Mount Meru Hospital
Mount Meru Hospital



Available for: Internship | Voluntary work

In Tanzania health worker to population ratios is small and due to this Tanzania welcome qualified volunteers to assist with day to day tasks in a hospital or small clinic and conditions are very basic.

Hospitals and health care can be really different from what you experienced in your home country. It can be really interesting for interns and volunteers to experience the clinical routine in Tanzania and experience new challenges career wise..

If you are seeking healthcare volunteer opportunities, you can contact GTL to help select a medical volunteer project that aligns with your area of medical expertise. We work in a small clinic and big hospitals across all destination regions. It includes different departments and includes in-patient facilities. The program is open to volunteers and interns with a medical background, such as nurses, doctors, physiotherapists.
The departments are: Child Welfare, Maternity, physiotherapy, pharmacy, dentistry, paramedics, clinical laboratory science, emergency medicine (EMTs), speech therapy, optometry, nutrition, public health, orthopedics, radiology, HIV/AIDS support, midwifery, and pediatrics, Outpatient Unit, Observation Unit, Laboratory and Pharmacy.
This is a great opportunity for health professionals to learn about Tanzania while also giving back to the community in a much appreciated way.

The scope of medical volunteer work depends on each volunteer specific experience and qualification levels, and you will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and cross-cultural learning with local healthcare professionals, as well as other international medical volunteers.

When it comes to getting a meaningful and memorable medical work experience outside your country, the mentorship and structure of the program really matter. Our Healthcare Internship programs are customized to suit your objectives and interest areas as well as your university requirements providing you with hands-on experience and clinical exposure under supervision and mentorship.

The Programs are suited for all levels of experience and qualifications whether you are a Pre-Health Student, Healthcare Student, a New Doctor or a practicing professional. They will expose you to a health system that is different from that of your home country, with different diseases, different treatment methods and diversity of culture.

Pre-dental and dental students have the opportunity to work with a Tanzanian dentist in a private practice. Interns shadow the dentist to gain insight into the practice of dentistry in Tanzania as well as gain valuable work experience.

This opportunity is ideal for participants wanting to gain firsthand experience working in a Private and government hospital in Tanzania, learn about tropical diseases, and learn about public health issues in East Africa.

Our International medical internship in Tanzania will:
1) Improve your clinical skills and clinical knowledge through the shadowing and guided learning activities;
2) Give you intensive exposure to various healthcare specialties depending on your interest;
3) Challenge your critical thinking ability; learning to be innovative and resourceful;
4) Give you an opportunity to witness unique conditions that you have only read in books such as tropical diseases and
5) Improve your communication and interpersonal relations through the interaction with the fellow students and other healthcare staff in the hospitals.

General Requirements:

You should be vaccinated against all major diseases when working in a hospital.



In addition to opportunities in direct healthcare delivery, GTL offers positions to work in public health, working towards better access and health awareness in several communities in Tanzania. The public health team is involved in several projects, including giving educational talks at local schools on health topics including HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, reproductive health and performing research projects on various public health topics. Research projects vary from communities based on the needs .

Home visits: other activities of the volunteer includes community home visits where the volunteer visits homes within a particular or selected community to mainly check the health status of infants, adolescent, the aged and pregnant women. With the help of a local interpreter, volunteers can also provide health education or advice in several health topics including family planning, personal hygiene, nutrition, exclusive breast feeding for lactating mothers and many more depending on the need of the particular household.

Health screening in schools: Duties within schools could include the physical examination and weighing of the kids, dressing of wounds, de-worming, checking for malnourished children and making referrals and follow ups where necessary.

For more information about specific Hospital kindly visit the Hospitals below
Note: This is just a sample of Hospitals and health care we working with.

These Hospitals and Health care are simply picked at random from two destined regions to give you a quick overview of Referral, regional, district and health center as well a private hospital .

Sample Hospital List
Meru Hospital
Mount Meru Hospital
KCMC Hospital
lEVELOSI Health Center
SELIAN Hospital
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Arusha - Tanzania


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