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Agriculture is a critical economic sector in Tanzania, primarily it represents 29.1 percent of Tanzania's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and nearly three quarters of the productive workforce.

This implies that Agriculture and its allied services are at the centre of the wealth of Tanzania. The country is reputed for its large cultivation of tea, coffee, grains, and fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit, oranges, water melon, pawpaw, avocado, and banana.

Primarily, agriculture is the main source of food, industrial raw materials and foreign exchange earnings.
Tanzania is deeply gifted with a diversity of climatic and geographical zones, due to this farmer grow a wide variety of annual and permanent crops. This includes food and cash crops as well as fruits, vegetables and spices.

Additionally,farmers raise livestock including cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and chicken as well as small numbers of turkeys, ducks, rabbits, donkeys, horses etc.

The Tanzania food industry is poised for huge growth. In Tanzania, the food sector has dramatically emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential for value addition, particularly within the food processing industry. Tanzania Government has been instrumental in the growth and development of the food processing industry. The government is making all efforts to encourage investments in the business. Food Processing industries are up and running across different regions in Tanzania Volunteers and interns will placed in carefully selected companies where meaningful experience will be acquired.

Internships in agriculture can also take place on farms themselves, where you will learn more about sustainable agriculture principles and gain advice from farming experts. Either way, you'll end up with more knowledge and a better sense of what you want to do within this vast industry.

Our agricultural-based projects gives participants practical experience in commercial farming also participants get the perfect opportunity to learn about farming while traveling across different places of Tanzania and enjoy the beauty of our country. If you are an outdoorsy person and love the fresh air, you have to check out our farming and agriculture projects in Tanzania

Sample list of agriculture companies, GTL is working with
Rikj Zwan
Arusha-World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC)
Grand Tanzanian Love

Arusha - Tanzania


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