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Grand Tanzanian Love (GTL) is fully registered as an NGO in Tanzania
With Registration number OONGO/R/0282


The principal activity of the GTL is:
- support healthcare services and provision of education through volunteering activities, internship programs and donations


A world full of empowered volunteers inspires less privileged ones to reach their fullest potentials in education, healthcare for a better well-being.


Is to inspire everyone to volunteer by building a vibrant and supportive community which strongly assisting in the provision of education and healthcare services


Ensuring that volunteers are empowered to undertake meaningful projects in different areas such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Social services in order to improve the lives of the less privileged citizens and deprived communities. We understand that every volunteer,interns or donor's dollar is hard-earned and we work determinedly to deliver value.

Enhance access to good healthcare services through volunteering health programs and internship programs.

Enhance access to education in rural and urban areas by volunteering teaching programs and internship programs

Promote school-going to access free education provided by government by stimulating a learning environment for children e.g. Boost activities and clubs (Sports ,Art Club, Technology Club etc)

To support school equipment, books and pens for schools whose pupils need special care as the case may be

To support for hospital basic medical equipment, appliances and apparatus such as weighing scale, syringe pump, blood pressure monitor, thermometer and other related equipment.


GTL is committed to:
1. Transparency - Acting with integrity.
2. Respect - For all living beings irrespective of background.
3. Education - A basic human right.
4. Health - Every Human being deserve to get quality health services.
5. Empowerment - Both social and economic.
6. Collaboration - Fostering relationships with individuals, communities and organizations.
7. Non-discrimination.
8. Social Justice.
9. Gender Equity.
10. Accountability

Grand Tanzanian Love

Arusha - Tanzania


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