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Levolosi Health center

Available for: Internship | Voluntary work

The Levolosi Health Centre is a primary healthcare facility that provides a great range of services, with a particular emphasis on maternal and reproductive health care. Eye and Dental unit is also available for students interested in Ophthalmology and Dentistry.

Intern Responsibilities: interns will have the opportunity to shadow doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, as well as the opportunity to interact with patients and learn how the patient perspectives influence the delivery of health services. Health services are delivered in a team context; through these internships the students get to understand the role of a diverse team that functions together to deliver health services. .

Interns/Volunteers will work in one of the following areas
Obstetrics and gynecology - interns will be incorporated into the team delivering health services on care of the mother during and after pregnancy. The interns thus participate and learn in such activities as: pre-and-post natal care, proper diagnosis and ordering of treatment and rational use of drugs, management of pregnancy (including how to carry out natural child birth), c-section operatives, basic life support and emergency care in relation to this department, as well as health promotion and prevention activities under maternal health.

Surgery- The student becomes part of the hospitals surgical team through observational learning through which they are able to understand how to prepare for different surgical procedures, conducting a surgical physical examination, interpret radiological data and surgery implication, how to collect and collate the surgery notes at all stages learn on the timings of special surgeries and the principles of anesthesia as well as the essential medication for surgical recoveries. The students are also able to understand the patient interaction and communication though such activities as obtaining consent and directing patients.

Outpatient- The interns participate and learn in such activities as: the diagnosis of pneumonia and other respiratory infections; how to record a patients history taking and keep records; observe the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections(UTI; observe first aid care for minor emergencies such as road traffic accidents; participate in the taking of patient vitals such as blood pressure; learn about the management of HIV, other infectious conditions, chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension and of common acute conditions such as common cold and diarrhea; and learn about the treatment of acute burns and the ordering of diagnosis tests and interpretation of various diagnostic tests. Interns may also contribute to the work of other departments such as Public Health, Internal Medicine, and Intensive Care.

To be able to do your internship in Levolosi hospital you need to be on 3rd year or further in your studies. Interns need to bring their own working clothes and shoes and also lot of gloves and hand disinfection liquid.

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