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International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)

Establishment: 1967.
Headquarters: Ibadan, Nigeria,
but with several research stations across Africa including: IITA Eastern Africa Hub: Tanzania..

Improvement in quality of tropical foods through:
developing a better productive farming system,
selection and breeding of high yielding crop varieties that are resistant to diseases and pest
and strengthening agricultural research in the humid and tropic regions.
IITA is highly dedicated to transform Agriculture in Africa .

GTL Participants:
GTL participants will get a good opportunity to work with IITA which recognized as one of the world's leading research partners in finding solutions for hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Among other things, IITA has a - cereal improvement program, - grain and legumes improvement program, - farming systems and root and tuber improvement program. The grain and legume improvement system consisted of soybean, cowpea and tuber program composed of yam and cassava.etc.

Grand Tanzanian Love

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